Entries for Go Innovate! 2018 are now open.

Enter your idea today!

You may submit your idea at any time prior to the entry deadline. Please complete all sections of the entry form, and remember that you want to be as clear about your idea as you can! 

Submissions may be made by teams as well as individuals. You may submit up to 3 ideas. Each team must have at least one Massey University student as a member.


Contact Name *
Contact Name
Please provide the name of your idea, product, or service that you would like the expert panel to consider
Help the panel understand what your idea, product, or service is. Why do you think this will make a good social or commercial enterprise, and what evidence do you have that it will be successful?
Innovative ideas are often problem-driven. What problem does your idea solve?
Be specific about your target customer. Describe who they are and what social or industry trends suggest that your idea will solve a problem for them.
How will your idea be converted into a sustainable business or initiative? How will you reach customers and provide your idea, product, or service?
How is your idea innovative? What makes this different from other ideas, products, or services? The more specific you can be here, the better!
What capabilities does your team bring to the table? What other skills or capabilities do you need to develop or locate?
What are the anticipated costs, and how will you generate sustainable revenue as either a for-profit venture or non-profit initiative? How much investment or funding will you need to get started?