Our Mentors

Our mentors are instrumental in providing support to Go Innovate! participants and finalists. We cannot thank them enough! 

Brad Booysen, ecentre. Brad heads up strategic partnerships at the ecentre. Brad is a 3x entrepreneur and has expertise in the B2B domain and go-to-market strategies. Earlier in his career, Brad spent nearly ten years working in the civil engineering industry for some of New Zealand's biggest companies. 

Lewis Hurst, Barnabas. Lewis is the general manager and co-director of boutique digital studio Barnabas. He has been a graphic designer since 2002. Barnabas takes a user-centric approach to design and development, working with the client to assess and analyse their business and customers before embarking on the best strategy for the client, cheering them on along the way. Check out barnabas.nz for more info on how we like to do things.

Nick Hindson, Market Share and Yellow Hat. Nick has spent the majority of his career designing and creating new ideas and products. Nick is the creator of Market Share, a businss board game, and the founder of Yellow Hat Innovation Ltd, where he manages architectural and design projects. Involved with numerous entrepreneurial initiatives like the Young Enterprise Scheme, Dragon’s Den, and the Westpac Auckland Business Awards, Nick has recently taken on the role of the Curiousator at Massey’s new Wonder Room student enterprise lab.

Dima Ivanov, PowerStats. If your business is relentlessly questioning “Are we the best at what we do?”, then we would like to buy you a coffee. PowerStats helps entire industries benchmark their performance around established criteria for excellence, thus allowing companies to become more profitable by making confident, data-backed decisions.

Ngaio Merrick, Lewis Holdings. Ngaio is the business manager for Lewis Holdings, the investment arm of Sir David Levene’s portfolio of companies.  Currently, Lewis Holdings has 43 investments in companies from a wide range of industries at all stages from “Still in the garage” to “Returning profitable dividends annually”.

Lisa Miles-Heal, Unleashed. Lisa is GM and CTO at Unleashed Software, a Takapuna HQ'd technology company that provides a SaaS inventory management solution to medium sized businesses around the world. LMH (as she is known) is a passionate supporter of young people following a career pathway in IT, women succeeding in business generally and great coffee and macarons. She has a range of skills to offer as a mentor, from marketing to project management, operational execution and strategy - and above all being your genuine and awesome self!

Anna Schmidt, Orchid. Anna loves using technology to improve profit. She started her career as a graphic designer although now works for Orchid.co.nz - helping them manage software builds.  Learning about specific issues and creating solutions is something she is known for. In addition to herself being a Go Innovate! finalist (2012), Anna was Marketing Manager for the start up Pushpay before entering Massey University's ecentre and taking advantage of the Sprint program in 2013. Since then she has been a Finalist in Start Up Israel 2014 and again in 2016.