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We'd like to offer a big thanks to our sponsors who are helping to support New Zealand innovation.

Massey Business School

The Massey Business School is one of New Zealand’s leading and largest business schools. The MBS offers world-leading, relevant, flexible, research-led tertiary education, that prepares students for the first job - and beyond. As a business you can access our relevant and topical research and services to help your organisation grow. The MBS is benchmarked by the AACSB as among the top five per cent of business colleges globally. 

Massey Enterprise and Commercialisation 

Massey Enterprise has the exclusive responsibility for commercialising intellectual property from research and discovery within the University. Massey Enterprise works in partnership with the BioCommerce Centre in the Manawatu and the eCentre in Auckland. Their overarching philosophy is to move knowledge and IP out of the University to the business community as quickly as possible to maximise opportunities for creating value for New Zealand.


The business incubator of Massey University, the ecentre provides the mentorship and resources to help take startups 'from garage to global.'